About Us

Tat Hui Foods Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 1986 with the vision and mission to establish its own brands as global brands in the global market.

In 1987, the company founder Mr Lim Hi Lay embarked on the mission to take Tat Hui products to the international stage. First, the products were introduced to the Chinese grocery market in US, Europe and Australia. In the following year, Tat Hui started on its second phase of expansion by venturing into mainstream European and Middle Eastern markets and saw sales volume increase ten-fold.

Our Innovation . . .
As a leader in the industry, Tat Hui invests a large resources into R&D to create new products that cater to a healthier lifestyle.
Since 2002, Tat Hui has invested SGD10 million into R&D, new production facilities and equipment for fat-free instant noodles, fat-free noodle snacks, gluten-free rice noodles, low fat, reduced carbohydrate and high fibre instant noodles; all with a diverse and exciting range of new flavours and preparations.

Our People . . .
The growth of Tat Hui is attributed to its people, whose commitment and work ethics make the company what it is today . . . three global brands Koka, Sanwa and Yoodles distributed globally.

Our Quality . . .
Today, Tat Hui has positioned itself as a "convenient food" manufacturer providing consumers with high quality food products - products encompassing food safety and health consciousness without compromising on the "convenience" and "taste" factor that has been established over the past 22 years.

Our Awards & Achievement . . .
As a manufacturer of instant noodles, Tat Hui strives to maintain its standing as a company of world class standard by continual efforts in upgrading its quality and food safety standards. The following are proof of our achievements:

  • Quality Management ISO2000 (since 1999)
  • HACCP Food Safety System (since 2002)
  • BRC Global Standard Food Safety System (since 2005)
  • Asia Star 2005 Packaging Award
  • SIFST 2009 Food Product Innovation Award (Koka Purple Wheat Noodles)
  • SIFST 2009 Food Product Merit Award (Koka Black Pepper Non-Fried Noodles)

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